How to wear shoes for men

1. The general rule:

For all men's shoes, the first standard you need to follow a general rule it is, should not color the skin around the ankles as opposed to wearing colored pants and shoes. Because they make up the style "

2. Combine wearing shorts

When wearing shorts, then you do not need to wear socks under, this is the appropriate style for you to view on weekends or picnics with friends. Feel free to present different clothing colors, looks you'll really youthful and stylish. Men's shoes are going to do everything to help highlight your style sheet to a new level.

3. Combine pants with khaki

. In this case, you should choose the same tone of pants socks.

4. Footwear leather shoes

With a pair of shoes with leather material when you go will make the legs feel sore and scratched. At this time, the socks will help protect your feet from this unfortunate accident. Please take the time to wear new shoes to buy.


5. Wear shoes not have socks

This will make your legs become uncomfortable than having to go a long way. But if the shoes are lined with leather, it will help absorb sweat better.

And in case you have to walk for a long time, choose short socks. It will not be leaked out shoes, in addition to its advantages are also made of cotton will help absorb sweat better.